On the 14th of April, 2023, the Portuguese Government presented the legislative proposal no. 71/XV/1.ª to the Parliament, which determines the end of the Golden Visa Program (ARI). We draw your attention to the following amendments:

  • The current ARI programme will only end on the day the new legislation comes into effect. Applications for ARI will not be admitted as from the entry into force of the new law. Therefore, applications submitted before the said date are safeguarded.
  • ARI granted under the legal regime applicable before the new law entries into force may be renewed (including for a family reunion applicants).
  • The ARI renewals that have already been granted will be converted into residence permits for entrepreneurial immigrants (D2 Visa). Such holders must comply with the minimum period of stay in national territory of 7 days (consecutive or interpolated), in the first year and of 14 days (consecutive or interpolated), in the subsequent two-year periods.
  • Finally, ARI applications (new applications and renewals) which are still waiting for a decision by the competent authorities will remain valid.

We note that the legislative proposal must now be discussed in Parliament.

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